Verse XVI: Erectile Dysfunction

“These are the two guests I wanted on the list,” states Tyson. “A real daddy and son couple who likes to play together.”

Rudolph’s discerning eye is quick to verify the authentic blood ties. “Do you fuck others or just one another?” It is the interest of a antique appraiser, just another niche kink that makes money, one that could make disagreeable parties do something they don’t want to for a night between a father and his kid.

While the incest angle is lucrative enough, Johnny is only seventeen in this reality, adding to the package deal. “Dad sometimes invites another boy to come play with us but he gets too jealous when we play with other dads.” The youth with ebony colored hair is amazed that his gag reflex is behaving. “Tyson told us that we would have to film a video with you for a plus one tonight.”

“We can settle business after the show,” Rudolph dismisses. “He’s hot and you look young. The film will not be too painful.”

With a hand that wants to fall off and crawl into the sewer, Devon reaches over and messes up his son’s hair, hoping that the criminal porn producer does not ask for a show of physical affection. “We are open minded and like trying new things anyway.”

The sleaze is heterosexual and not suspicious enough to make the duo any more uncomfortable.

Johnny decides that he will track down and murder Rudolph if he manages to escape tonight.


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