Verse XI: One Word

Twenty-one year old Tidus has been successfully posing as a fifteen year old to some dirty pervert trucker from the state of Missouri. Various situations were contrived to provide the proper fake identifications and evidences to the trucker in question, but it was only after the young man permitted the older one to inject him with various narcotics that the particulars of the seedy sex and drug life of Montreal had been revealed to the Tidus. It is worse than you can imagine.

Something about the knowing that the syringe contained crystallized methamphetamine that the trucker could verify and account for made him trust Tidus fully. Of course, the slim blond was raised in a doomsday cult devoted to honing supernatural ability and transcendent awareness of universal paradigms that do shift with the meager ministrations of man’s feeble machinations, so Tidus converted the narcotics in his system into the appropriate salts and enzymes that are the final byproducts of the respiratory system synthesizing the original chemical and finally exhuming the poison through various forms of biological waste. He never did get high. The experience was something fascinating for Tidus to behold because the trucker’s belief that he successfully intoxicated the youth unleashed unconscious forms of psychic hypnosis; the belief that he was working with an addled slut allowed the Missouri courier an admirable finesse over subtle sectors of scriptures that The Faith had boasted prowess over. Translated into the home life of his home town, Tidus found the attitude of the trucker to be akin to an elder who had caught a younger disciple making a grave error of spiritual morality that causes vulnerability in all adherents to The Faith.

Tidus had grown up sequestered from pop culture and mainstream society but he was neither stupid nor naive. He wonders what cosmic trend has tangled up the actors within the global sex and drug trades because the rituals appeal to various dogmas and religious deities—of course, so profane and crass that respective archetypes would fain associate to the perversions… but…


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