Verse IX: Blue

Blue demons are known to cause profound depression. Blue pictures were a certain type of homosexual pornography. When Solinis takes off his Stupid Man Suit, irridescent blue flesh does stretch across his hollow bones and mangles any natural light into glints of obsidian that only crackle like lunar offal.

“That feels sooo much better,” he sings out, referring to the bevy of fresh, clean blood in his system.

The elder djuka nods once at the demon. “This is not Frederic Medina.”

Solinis hisses to shush Gemini. “Don’t tell them yet. We are not sure what portends his fingerprints doth incur in Miss Cleo’s after hours paid programming.” That lady wears only one earring so as to balance her chakras and that is pretty bad ass.

The day is humid, with chaos thunderclouds looming low in the sky. Augury would dictate the behavior of our avian brethren as most ominous: tinges of whimsy fraternize with omen, and shades of ochre soak up all the spilled blood to ensure true love for obedient denizens of the southern hemisphere. It is June the sixth in the year six hundred and sixty-six AD at six o’six AM, just six seconds past the minute. Diamonds still glitter in the sky as Lucifer still sleeps somewhere underground, swooning not to the flattering arrangement of numbers in the present astrological forecast. A chipmunk scurries. Do chipmunks live in Guyana? A chipmunk brushes against Solinis’s back left hoof anyway. (He has human arms and hands, but crazy demon hooves for legs. In case ur wondering.)

Djuka are immortals with no allegiance to linear time, are in constant cahoots with Hangul (and similar organizations) to bestow everlasting peace upon mankind. “We have to tell the world,” Gemini, the djuka elder, insists. “That man has stolen my child’s identity!”

Frederic, in the process of being shackled, has neither blinked nor breathed since Solinis entered the meadow opening. The boy just stares and stares. Having never seen the other man without the guise of humanity to shade his true form, Fred is merely curious. Although there is something familiar and compelling about the creature, he knows not yet who it is.


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