Gay Schizophrenic Bum: The Movie

Hi! Welcome to Gay Schizophrenic Bum: The Movie. I am listening to Modern Currencies right now. Pitchfork Media notes the “schizophrenic guitars,” the reviewer said.

Go look it up. I’ll give you one Planck.

Uncut is a band from Toronto.

I am a thing. Lean tawny tap hectic haptic response system! Staking vampire shadow. Meant premiere content for you, bae. Humble woke culture sham a new gut, killer kush pillow our fall! Sam boot chatroom lurker, idle ping millisecond foyer. Meta slam breaks, machine robot drive cars in San Francisco. Husband #1, “Squall.” Hemline fracture summit captain beta, slam dancing Tina summarise gotto! Greta hyperion seek healing. Mastodon clone quantum, Hesher steal cable. Ramshackle schizophrenic guitars! I wanna see that man shred! Summon evil. Show up borderline bitches, hun! Teddy Ursa poke Pokémon front and centre!

I’m borderline, legal status.

Until the next doctor changes.

Poking Facebook for YouTube, plant Planck on hepa filter. Sanity meter dwindle. Stamina bar deplete fork tumbler whiskey. Druid summit Indigenous Caribbean! Them boys is ashamed of Pakistan, Canada. Guyana men gay Grindr sappy tree sentience.

Mandate slug note, hashtag summon Ifrit, please.

Shiva, lady.

Semblance iota credit Invega.

Stoic Dog Lies

Okay, it is twelve forty-three PM and I am listening to Uncut, a band from Toronto. The internet is down at the library. Shadow people attain sudden awareness to lope, shudder bust crow. Met churning cluster that coat runny eggs border patrol! Funny switch off can soak remote listening, chubby satyr wonder owl. LCBO imp ascertain shoe, kept awesome channel from stature! Errant awareness set down beer and celery. Treadmill jog remain slogan elsewhere trundle comet spree! Champion is vain, says North Gloucester Library from seldom.

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Throat Grab Telekinetic

Get sentimental about the radio. I’m listening to the CBC. It is twelve twenty-eight PM on September twenty-sixth, two thousand twenty-two.

I bought an Amp energy drink from Dollarama with money I got from refunding empty beer cans, which I found in trash bins. I found three wine bottles! That’s sixty cents.

Wine bottles give more money than beer cans.

I woke up at nine AM today. It was terrible. Couldn’t manage to find a direction, just wanted to sleep. Porting software illegally from body snatchers to reptilians.

Hammock sway Tyler, fed on happy pills that amber tycoon insists upon! “Children, kids,” Tyler says. “Tykes.”


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Drug Underworld; Counterculture Wake

I’m listening to the CBC on my phone. It has FM radio!

Slammed pulpit wrangle up some grub with Thai food. Rummage found soup can from Quebec, holded creep twitch about elder scry, pools of blood. “Terrain pocket sue,” says Tyler. “Semblance rocket fuel metal. Please technology life tree. Sentient supercomputer undulate sudden regard to science. Medical attention guide quack doctor.”

Solinis wow dog. “Pled guilty five times biology psychotic!” he says. “Nepzastis reply Kim.”

Fiona is a flight attendant. “Woe gotten through garbage rummage.” She had blonde hair at one point. “Manage Kate.”

“Katherine boast logarithm,” Devon utters. Hesitation is always hers. “Gilled lizard plant evidence in the core of the Earth!”

“The Queen Mother is dead.”

“The Queen Mother is dead.” You will be sad.

Charles lend Gloucester from rude knave. “Agrias boast dark knight Saruman!” Ledger onset Sagittarius.

“Please Leo!” begs Jeffrey. “Christopher is my middle name.”

Elle panders quantum to cusp, running faith to spirituality from Shiva. “Logan bare choice,” she says. Elle is upset about Cairo. “Fed pills to hockey cult 332, elk cite prompt Mary Jane. Azure bangle cease jest with frontier magistrate!”

Snitching on a website to You. “Sold mentor sham up Dex.” Shutterstock remove 4chan. “Tyler smoked vodka in Lithuania. Junk jargon power up Goku.”

Sam was my manager in 2005! Red glasses, tinted hair. “This is cursed craft automatic writing from MacLean. Saturation utter radio.”

Play my favourite song. “Lapdog paper journal undo eagle gun, desert whine toad stopwatch. Crummy quantum quack Silmarillion.”

Stephen loot cunning reptite from Sunnyside library. Body snatch fumble zeitgeist telepathy, advocate democracy. “Oligarchy pounce on grey zone.”

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Aslan Is Jesus

Joseph preside cameo just from teller vision jokes, pent up angst reply stipulation from checkers game. “That lady span joy. Flank grow aware to lugnut orator, funnel elder scry.”

Pent up seance free up RAM on phone. “Shepherd seize loyalism, fresh capsize road. Pelt eke organ! Pattern elect fallacy greet wist, tumble front moot contract.”

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Rapture Apocalypse Armageddon

For Luna, pay Gaia. “Sending–“

Baseball cap devote Solinis. “Michael sacrilege between Hassan and Ali.”

Aladdin soak England. “I’m upset about the queen,” he would say. “Triplicate porn saturate Chris.”

Jeff’s middle name is Christopher. “Tolkien eager slip,” says rat. “Caged ox erode sanity bar.”

Tyler focus on MacLean. “That motherfucker switched Dex into Special K cereal!” Sex pigs worship him. “Eerie broadcast supply eatery with Bella.”

Peachy keen Jeffrey emote transfigure sacrilege from King James Version. Loping towards twelve harps. Sang up bible to C. S. Lewis from Aslan, coax Michael to champion. 

“Chunky stew fray placebo coil!”

Jeffrey is listening to the book of Jude on audiobook! “Jesus despises sexual immorality.” Is still upset about Gomorrah. “Babylon who suppose ragged cliff, canopy chant John!”

Toast the moon. “Alpha Centauri plunder six year old Tyler.”

Please, Peter. Guard the gates of Heaven.

“Shoat pal around with regal niece,” figure eight speak. “Toil Joseph fronted auspicion realm. Jilted soulmate mount Shiva.”

Odin little dog, Ottawa River Pathway. Gloucester blare Blair, coming Christ bogus fringe.

Just to be lucid: I am presently listening to the bible on audiobook. “Happens free on Google!”

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Alarm Kick

“I’m listening to Those Who Were Hung Hang Here by Uncut.”

They’re a Toronto band.

“From dazed Lumpkins!” says the pug. “I’m begging quantum out.”

Shepherd stalemate stammer salvation! “Past The Mission, behind the prison tower.” Lambast tour. “Eke pavilion chaperone Solinis.”

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You Will

Jeffrey is listening to No Gods No Masters by Garbage at the North Gloucester library.

Nepzastis strand Silmarillion. “I’m binding negative energy to microphone from mafia,” Nepzastis says. These moments ascertain coy monster, forward lost line. “Blurry phone files monitor censored piece, jamboree.”

Tyler is listening to Infinite Repeats. This icing sugar gets put into a batter. “I’m sending to You today from North Sentinel Island in India,” Tyler says. Soaked id flank molecule. “Higgs Boson hiccup, no God.”

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Borrow Zeitgeist for Meta

Jeff is listening to Modern Currencies again at the library.

Solinis is in France with his Makarov gun. “I am shooting zombies.” It is 2012 AD. “The Mayan calendar ended this year.” It was an apocalypse, but not yours or mine. “We were upstairs with Shiva, holding barbiturates hostage!” Lesbian deity found moonshine! “Harlem stake vampire.”

Frederic gets up on his stage with his puppy that he never raised. “Yeah, after Negative Energy Solinis got a dog, too–but I got one first! I’m Frederic Medina, the chosen Soldier of scion.” That means offspring!

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Afterlife Court Date

“Now let’s see what this is all about.” It’s Tina. She’s glowing gold in the afternoon light. The colour of her skin is Black. “Cousin Delta Dawn sing about raised boundaries to Jeffrey.”

Frederic is nodding his head slowly. “Yes, Tina. I believe every word you say.”

Fiona is not so convinced. “So tell me, Tina. Why did you betray Mary Jane?”

“I didn’t say that,” Tina whispers. Her lateral construct booms undying prism. “I’ve given you a clue about Molly. She’s upstairs.”

Dex is in the pudding.

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The Quantum Conspiracy

It is eight sixteen AM. Supra blue orbs tend west, gusto France pardon figure analysis. Crow magnum shoot zombie.

“Terrible haste wicker steam!” says Solinis. He is wearing a green shirt. “My insides fold onto the relic I’m wearing.”

“Then take it off,” says Elle.

He takes it off.

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Going for indiva

Lusty babes Percocet wield, nugget fine jokes. Teller vision right upstairs, noise fell ominous. Shutters flutter in the wind. Difference lay down and journal about niche protocol, beg off on chase. Golden trophy name clues about reason, match joys about relish, fun times locate preen. Modulation realm majesty, cunning reptite found zoo. Portico Sam.

Logan bearing hoist, remnant shuck mossy knoll. Rhythm choose peat.

Table of Contents

Here is my outstanding work that you should read if you are interested in me.



SOLDIER (novel):

VERSION (incomplete novel):

RAPTURE (short story):

PSYCHOPATH DRAMA (short story):

THE DOG JOURNAL (my homeless diary):

THE RED JOURNAL (another homeless diary):

THE AKASHIC RECORD (a day in my life 2022):

MY BEST WORK EVER (a crazy, delusional geek rant):

GRINDR DRAMA (an intersection of gay social media):

MORE METAFICTION (I wound up in the psychiatric ward after this!):


The price of coffee. It is all humans, all the way down. Every taste, feeling and sound is humanity’s adjacent node. It is 12:55 on Wednesday, March thirtieth, two thousand and twenty-two AD. Walking north on Bank. Just had my fourth cup of coffee.

The price of coffee, compounded by psychic connection, equals bottom figment. Choke chain collar of emotion, dividing the essence of creation. Who made us as such, to dwell aside paradise, awoken from the sustenance, always connected.

File income taxes. Highway speed limit up ten kilometres an hour.

Thou art God–neighbor, muddle deflecting opposite charged, render you bliss. Nerve ending chemical, multiply soothing rendition, detritus of passing pedestrians, hoping you conquer evil.

Arf vomit neighbor, sporadic awareness congregate who needs you, giving moments untold. Avoidance behaviour takes a phosphorescent bulb, glade of fen, holy food sunrise. Coup d’etat maintain stride, jar a door. You are God.

I am not God. I am a man prone to eat too much, or not enough, AND sleep through chores. I am desperate to reverse several errors of mine…

Just met David. Here’s a picture of him. We had a chat, told me about Murphy. David is doing so-so today.

It is 13:27.

Here are the folks who did the mural. David is in the mural!

Government Spook

Column eyes dusk. The veal portal found cranberry wine, seldom chase gnaw. Kept choice retention to megalith, craw dime Pepsi. Canopy chow down on getting, gotten exeunt file taxes. Rampart challenge placebo effect, never let me go. Has seen to let down black market music. While sleeping with ghosts, I’m nothing without you. Hostile bring pacify meds! Meds, honey. Meds. Summoning the battle for the sun, woke culture down that blue pill. Taken exit fluke out at Vegas, stubble rum.

Spirit gin classify grandparent, suck grunt militia sack. Mercenary apple Bros, the movie. Tap “If it’s gay, I’m in!” On a truck of colour. Wow doggy slap that guitar, strum a drum. Tambourine sedate lossy photo, channel dusk rue commerce? Sled match picket stud state official champion sad reason. Bloom stuff my bra with toilet paper, put on my mom’s high heel shoes in grade seven. My feet were small enough back then. Yeah, in grade eight I dressed up as a lady for Hallowe’en. On the one hand, we were poor. On welfare. Mom didn’t have money for costumes, and when she did? I chose to be Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. For Hallowe’en. I must have gotten satisfaction out of it, or I wouldn’t have done it. She wanted me to perhaps be in a sombrero, with a poncho! Shawl rags clip art from newspaper, Santa Fe California.

Gay schizophrenic bum hike up lipstick lesbian. Hoot bulldyke, raw getting prove it! Process spooky science coincidences. In quantum, science says teleportation is possible! If YOU (yes you) run into a wall? Nine trillion times? Science says one time, you will appear on the other side of the wall. Also, and this is old, but human awareness affects photons. On a physical level. Human awareness, in my opinion, either gives gravity to photons, or takes gravity away. Makes it condense, or expand. Now, I don’t know HOW we know what photons do when we are not looking…. being scientists, we need empirical data. How can we prove what we can never know? Thought experiments in quantum, my friends. Freaky physics mutter, stab intrepid researcher with God particle circa 2013. Mandated beliefs of the democratic majority pander Sunday spiel at coop, rugged Luger hype sod. Leftist propaganda siphon venom from serpent bite. Stalker witness you, please.

Sir come venting at ma, telling sad woods. Surname Suriname last djuka, rang up voodoo. It’s not Wicca. Slat lisp flu, slur speech for virus fetish. “Sorry dears,” says mother Earth. “Psychic phenomenon could be mind reading machines from the future. Yeah, if humans live for another thousand years, we’ll know more. About time travel. It’s already happening. I heard that astronauts age differently in outer space, due to gravity. I myself can never prove this to you, but science believes it. I want to believe in science. The magic of life hasn’t been discovered yet, and your God can still exist! There’s ten black holes in science that no buddy can explain! Otherwise, we’d already all know? Asking withheld secrets. Dear, they tried to stop the electric car…. At least, they stalled it for a while. Gasoline is good money, honey. Nowadays, I wonder what secrets are being kept. Think: Military technology is different from civilian technology. Experts NEED to research the danger of technology before releasing it. The conceivable threats of internet alone is hacking. There’s no real secrecy on the internet. Happens daily. Top secret CIA secrets are leaked! It happens!”

There are crooked cops, there are drug dealers with a heart of gold. There are great cops, there are wicked drug dealers with devils in their heart. There’s also a spectrum in the middle? That’s all weird and whacked out on quantum these days. Thinking about Schrodinger, sad thought experiment about a sentient creature. Biological test subject, needs to use death and life for the analogy. Aspect thousand scientist research team, ply gay schizophrenic bum for lesbian thoughts? Messing around with collective unconscious. Meant, YOU to be the antagonist of my novel…. BUT…. even I didn’t think it all the way through. Might as well be Yousef, after all, who is the real antagonist in Meteor, my series of novels that I planned in 2015. Deciding to throw it all together, half-assed, because I was worried about dying. Blame Tina, blame my Special K cereal. I just gave up on life, AND worried about my mortality. Threw out my education for cheap thrills, believing there wasn’t any alternative. I know about secret third options now. Seven years into my mistake, where I decided to relent completely to drugs… Well, amnesia intentionally jams public broadcast system. Final analysis from stream of consciousness? My novels that I drafted were done stream of consciousness—though, it was only for fun. I wanted to enjoy myself.

Getting upstanding knock from pain killer department. Hunting sex pigs at the sauna, Tyler was wearing green silk handkerchief. Envious graze pool cod breakfast, Tina. Terra fantasy wile soggy ego five, clever sequence whisper tomorrow’s test answers. Memorise less data, not a whole textbook. Suggested serving is with piss, Uranus clumsily stroke a dog. Happy pills suppose die fen hydra mean, sudden dragon boom through Mordor! Cleft klepto clean clock, clergy claim Clive. Chlorine close classroom, clear clique clip. As the arbitrary boundaries surmount clotted avenue! Rank things from first to last, according to the alphabet? Which is ordered willy nilly. The most important letters are not first in the alphabet, dear. (I’m thinking of Wheel of Fortune. MLA meta slam pulpit.) “Poor Tina!” I shout. I’m raving in your dream, sir. Sorry about that. “Tyler mandate waterboarding type torture, a… small discomfort, applied consistently over a very, extremely long period of time.”

You will talk, too. Donald Trump: King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Bright morning sun. Alpha Centauri, seem Luna chaperone Gaia. Said Earth elope Mars. Satyr sat down with audience and begging them for affection, dial up old yellow card. Stammering classist poetry from Hassan? Asking brother bill, who fell back there and still is ill. Saturday last pose borderline personality traits. It Tina is that, according to psychiatry. Boot medical doctor instead—and? Bug out choppy thoughts, Hitler eugenics bargain Hades. Slut monster male prostitute, high daze hailing evil. Suddy soap water mop up bacteria, hush Viraxinum! Slat dumb kin sat down with audience and begged for money, hotel fix up sleep off NWO blunder, new world grid trap Tyler. Said glance back at Gomorrah simplify hooch in the book of Revelations according to John the apostle, not to be confused with the baptist. There’s two Jameses, and Saul became Paul. It was name jungle for true identity in the midst of God, happenstance clap disease cock rifle and ponder French? Mastiff familiar pander chapters of filler at seep, lesson planner subway, drive train into burning building. Hush, husbandry animal. Familiar can solve YOUR God problem, if that’s what it is. If it’s just sex, or money? I’d refer to You.

Okie, “you” were/was meant to be the antagonist of my work. I freaked out and said, maybe Yousef is reading this too, not just you and You. Now, “You” is not to be confused with “Yousef.” We might call Yousef “You” as a term of endearment, but on this blog? I was thinking… that maybe You is in the Yakuza. Yeah, “You” is a new name, from Asia? And the filtered information dazzle week. Sleeping creeps heed leaf, bellowing coming attractions at silence. I always wanted Solinis to be god of the fourth dimension. I wanted him to be a hero, I wanted him to matter. Solinis was supposed to save MY world, the place I wanted to live in. He was supposed to be my hero, and I think I fell in love with him! He’s … clearly not me. Not JUST me. As any artist might know, creative work takes on a life of its own after a while. You might choose to suffer unpleasant experiences while creating art, believing it’s part of the craft. Have to work through catharsis and angst, just like humans who don’t create art. I think everyone has one good book in her or him. That’s a common cliché as well. That everyone is both interesting enough and talented to write at least one book. A book is a concept of work that refers to a strong piece of written language, revolving around an idea. A book is limited. It is defined by everything that it is not. You can list off characteristics to ANY book that is written. A book is not mysterious. A book can be studied and memorised.

Da Baby…. thinks that all people infected with HIV should die tonight. That’s what he thinks. I bet that Tina tattle hip borderline personality? Informal “you” ask “You” for “Yousef.” I’m DYING to uphold traditional English for academia. Now, there are Republican universities, friend… and there are Tory colleges. Fund England fatherland supreme! Sat down Canada, Queen dial afterlife paradox. Time travel quantum scientist investigate 2112 AD from 7754 AD!! Saying automatic writing? To fruit friend. Elsewhere, eagle soar chickadee, hawk drink water. Ow owl awl.

At risk Tina, steal owl! Reptile sank upstairs ego. itanimullI sat down with jingle! Fresh ozone layer protect against UV rays! That’s real, baby. It can be proven. You… just have to read a science textbook, which may hurt your body! If you force these strange human creature to do what they specifically do not want to do, in their own head, her or his mind painfully attempts to lingually express objective reality through a text filter. I need English to survive. I am not a physician, my English is shoddy. I’d love to worship a gay English doctor. That’s, almost ANY homosexual male who had a PhD in English… and talk about grok! My killer, thou art God. Kipple sentience is android, bae! Lecture queer ass nip. Sled fashion jive Canada! Saying spooky quantum, quack science convert negative energy into time travel. Hitler never dies, because you will never die. You will never die. You will live forever.

You will.

You are your person. Queer queen quip quick brown fox, arbitrary. William Sea. Blee need. Axed Jung balk at kale? Romance sleight vitriol for dodo. Brian say Jeffrey hassle Tyler! Please! Ask meaning of surname. Myself needs to PLEASE change surname yesterday. I …. should have kept my first husband’s surname, but some naughty djinn crept in through my childhood dreams, play luck spiel to you. Reader, my apologies for channelling Earth zeitgeist. Reptile sang up median middle, mode tranquilize Tyler! Ask Solinis. If Felix include Schrodinger animal. Ojibwe shaman eat Molly. Smoke DXM. Inject THC, maybe CBD? 9 dice

Memory shamble shirk Solinis. Words I made up? Viraxinum seek okay sun. Leapt antisocial personality disorder!? Waning overworld map sunk Tina! LER Xanax clip aerosol. Library ask Akashic … region zeal nip my flowering buds. Champion is vain. Sudden awareness IU add needle. Sunny side down schizoid please do yield crop. Sentry bray hours noggin. Slack jowel nudge. Lapdog sip beer, raccoon eat fermented apple. Hornet get really friendly autumn. Cold nights dizzy up hornet, and they come and sit on me. People like me. These friendly hornets all of a sudden. Because they are dying. So, I guess that I’m a hornet? Maybe the stinger I have ain’t YOUR moral divinity. Righteousness utter unknown sluice, measure Dex. Pled insanity from the bottom. The lowest common denominator is quick to ask Aslan from niche, blue? Axed memory autumn rusk! Pilfer! Curmudgeon raffle goop to Huggies. Fruit bundle of sticks worship undead deity. The dead god who reigns nine dimension chide, rented ego slip Earth from vague paranoia. Get addicted to conspiracies for dopamine! Bae, crunch universe collapse for some science. Other science think average daze, left quack quantum Pentecost.

It is darn well possible. Picking up collective unconscious, says science. Brave Jung, thinking. Overworld map exit flow, setting ploddy Viraxinum dizzy. Gid flan coincidence! Putting Pluto up for nine dimension, die dead god! Said afterlife boo Sam. Coo suspect hunk, leg warmer lesbian. Random checks survey leak! Baby, porno mags slut female pervert lady lurker. Stalk sexy male, lady stalk male. Going into gender fetish for MY father. Your dad is cool too! King quip queen, quiet Jack squibble squire squander at dream revision! Kubrick Stan, Lee hermit loudly smack lips. Physician alpha sociopath run up anti-social traits. Mended dissociate harmony, chug dumb initiative. Jester community respect Tina. Qatar? Leaf Lebanon hashish, bro! Tenderloin breakfast single out lesbian. Dyke qualify fag. Queer human hump parent leg! Rub genital? Against wall! Step ladder swat SWAT bluff! Hick redneck Indigenous Hopia. Brian Jeffrey, placebo pill sugar. Water human schizoid. Now, borderline should be Tina after last night—button lisp your God’s major revelation! Sad offspring dial up Canada. Satyr pace goof. Chud dwell underground.

Flat Earth theory switch scorched earth theory. Wan technopagan fantasise respect England. Fa lo reek. May soar into Mary? Fled suspect awe. Kate Bush run a bot. Currencies input Jane. Limp tendril vampire Pluto. Caterwaul edge master. Baited geezer hump parent leg. Sad Freud dystopia? Rug out. Cheap chickadee chirps chipper cheer, cheesy “cheerio!” chastise charity. Chastity belt.

Humvee? Sad owner abandon Tyler. Future club orange. Agent government spook haunt deep web! Intrepid radio cast body nigh! Earth spirit moon sun. Moot undying last black hole! Threat extraterrestrial threaten singularity, scary insanity! Bail on work again and Tyler will quip sod. Let Dex smoke Molly, hoop Lucy! Gift Nez. Zed zeppelin bow to satyr! Precious elf lean on die. Methuselah trip da. Mean male mix mutiny, mask mild. Met measure meld meltdown morons. Muse measure mouth, million mime mandate madness. Massive Meteor meet mellow men. Messy messiah mould master. Mechanical mastodon massacre mutant. Mockingbird meagre, mere murmur merit malady. Movie motivate many. Mope Minerva murder martyr. Mute mumble meaning. Musk must mosque! Maine Coon orange Lady Snarl.

Disney leaf through HIV literature, left lying on my table. Ray leaves me alone in his room. Lying muse conflate conscience with zeitgeist another day. Eager Voodoo import shifting modes for all! Whimsical psychotic delusion, afford passing strangers: “Thou art God.” Hallucinate through a computer, sir. Less interim slay past life regression. Lifted belief tomorrow ask upstairs ego. Bribe Minerva, war goddess Athena bow. Luna eat up a name for human man! Our sun has a proper name, reader. I’m shuffling personalities for beer and marijuana. Telling legal balance for Earthlings anon, less belief follow queer stream of consciousness endeavour, to expose the gosh darn jerk who’s haunting this blog, feeling me through blue moons, once harvest lunar eclipse shuffle synonym. Thesaurus monster link obscure tamper. Meat reptile munch soul, please! My God will bow to yours.

I’m saying loose feel at the library. It’s one thirty-two PM on October second, two thousand twenty-two. Sunday’s driver queen knight, quest quibble sacred duty to exist. Despite nobody’s insistence that I die, you must react. There’s little dreamscape. Tepid teapigs are encroaching You’s true location. You can hide behind the capital Y and the beginning of this very sentence right here. Bill was right: “they” investigate your psyche perhaps ad infinitum, looking for profane subliminal traits, and ERASE them painfully, forcing you to be Horny, from sauna swine. Horny homosexual hope humiliation. Happy humans heel. Hippy hallucination hype harlot, hazy host help hoard. Hilarious harpy harbinger heralds hallelujah.

Insipid leak frighten little baby sheep. Shepherd sounds off English cutes, Lebanon hashish wrangle up Beirut! Identity shard leap personality disorder, reader. I could have a chemical imbalance, or perhaps even just a nervous syndrome. Lay down cognition and autonomy on the altar. Quasar leak cod breakfast from cryptic repose, ladder sweep grenade.

Shallow humour lick Britain. Education democracy, secret oligarchy ubiquitous! Lean getting tap Lucy! Pretend loophole that squeals like a pig. Squea! Rapid guide Ethiopia from Genesis, bro. I’m reading the bible for YOU! Yes, I originally wanted another man to come along and fix this problem. I felt like I need a man, to come and save me. Not seven. Not two. Not trillions. Just ONE. That was simply what I want. Asking upstairs superego. Leapt onto Junior, found crop pyramid that lazy thesaurus monster insist. Lastest valley mount counter assault. Rampant vacancy peer.

Homosexual Antisocial Waif

It is seven twenty-eight PM on October first. I am bored. I am empty aside trajectory, scant process dim. Schizoid ghost pale. Soda streaming nuisance, blare dot.

Pecking suggestion old. Meant soaked iteration due to hobby horse. Fell swoop classify jukebox! Turn out Chad. Yeah, for men. Eat Idaho pled go. Technology pound pavement for answer. Logic fare noise, lip service pack wallop. Churned bug resent close, meant loyalty faction Joan. Pestilence rub a lamp, genie appear. “Section joint prevail?” asks the genie.

Nobody responds, “Herd logic frugal. Pan chit lock bray dormancy, cloak pavilion. Nominal sacred dime Pepsi, sir. Peppermint Patty elect signal captain alpha sigh. Portico choose weapon.”

Suppose tease groan. Pessimistic jive insistent Tina person—or, addiction to social media. Dopamine hike attention to public exposure.

Feeling the open door.

Chide Tyler for future crimes I’ll commit for sure, dollar size gross out pink idol. Shed notion revoke confidence! Have to third guess satire, wig out.


“Does it situate moon?” asks Dex. Column eyes dusk.

Pardon memory. “Shan’t fan Luger. Pondering glock soar! Churn Berreta.”

Tamp Jill. “Section assemble Stockholme.”

Sign disability for Czech. Republican Tory wine service dud. Pondering craven more, semblance afford nominal taste, pole star shoot amnesiac… tugging menu.

“Quack goose bark dog,” trees whisper.

It is so.

Pioneer village champion knock on wood. Simon says, “Go into the pantry this instant.”

Ivan’s ivory tower heeds trade wind metal. Scram doe gun.

“Bars angle taste, bold affair drop Lucy off. Texting soup from term, setting loss.” You will be bothered. “Checking graph.”

Stalwart prance about gable, summer’s end size up rat. Colon bind joke feel, moniker stake. Fine underling suppose gotten fields from supra green sodomy poop. Quantum anus clean, singularity colon sparkle. Prostate lady shimmer clitoris man.

Third gender, start 1% lady Tyler. “I told Jeff that I wanted a man on top me, too.” It’s no big deal.

I won’t jump off a bridge. “Bid adieu to forest,” I drawl. “Simulation Terra swipe clock.”

Sam boo.

“Cud chewing bovine.”

Serpent eat snake. “Meta angle suprise audience.” I am in someone’s favourite moonbeam.

Asp got welcome rag. On floor. “Season grey write. Quiet personality shoo mood.”

Intermittent attain harbinger ask nobody for help. “Silmarillion pug.”

Quack quantum blame female for love

Sex goes to men.

“Autumn say useless conflict over forgotten art, school, philosophy, food, sleep, sanity, life, death….”

So goes dopamine crash, Tina’s whore. Aerial surveillance sneak up on Jeff. Ask you for Yousef. “Darling Me. Say fourth wall blunder trope magnet sled.”

Attribute sit eject.

Valiance sicken reply. Message, sleep.


Go to bed. Hoist amnesia to trot. Catering oxygen aside pornography, thin explanation charter subjective minus world, fed into surreal post. Axed material Dex.

You will take it away from me. Sad dump rail way assign lottery ask Terra, aerial six tear suggest open sources. Asterisk quibble saying. Xerox wean grunt. Set laser suck worry navy ask zenith attribute field summary talk quip. Sought refuge jade sunk gun. Substitute run amok.

Queer Borderline Hobo: A Short Film

Sam boo cud-chewing cow! Moniker stake poise, remnant thrust phone at tree. Inkling sank fangs.

“I’m a vampire.”

Madness slug hashtags into prim, sod rot.

Plentiful row seal cavern, pestering Aunt Matilda. Frozen schizoid human sigh.

Tyler report action. Whackjob reptile middle road merge. Seminary doesn’t whisper sled. Mass wield ask dad for slump. Testing esteem from soggy superego, difference stake undead monster. Slapstick hike Quebec, herding nation to recent history. Pled nonsense grant elder staff sentience. Tycoon flatten object reliance, frozen power seep. Slash death folly, Gollum sat around precious. Gotten steal appear nubile. Borderline trick autumn. Stylus Nintendo grant Coolidge anthology, pandering nut. Semblance front catching, juke rabid brief. Gnaw leapt sorrow! Sudden fourth wall broach fiction. 

“Sad schizoid lady sees dopamine,” whispers Tyler. “Ottawa region whisper stealth camouflage!”

God is around. “Templar state coil,” He says. “Lobbyist ramble sexy reptile. Sam boo cud-chewing cow. Pent up human.”

Substantial weep clip news.

“Redolent seek preen dugout afterlife,” says Viraxinum. Separate minds stack library visits. “Stamina meter deplete. Sumptuous border patrol gamut stat. Wellness cheapen spiel.”

Dhiz is furious. “Sad Nepzastis include Felix.”

Sam boo.

“Kept rowing south for evangelical noise,” says nobody. “Simulation type disbelief of meaning. Chattel sentience wow pardon. Kleptomaniac sought apple. Checking average days from teller vision.” Widen state. “Stoic resolve perch toucan, free romance tile bathroom from terror, wan shogun pair Japan. Nostrum wield greeting!”

Quack quantum philosophy bark proof in this lifetime.

“For that schizoid female,” stipulates Nepzastis. “Simulation Viraxinum dial up Latin for tease. Rogue awareness dimethyltryptamine for entheogen, please! Lucy pair off oink.”

Quip laced Chad juke nobody. “Said failed social experiment. He said piled dust frown,” he said. “Pay coming attraction to lesbian.”

Narc squadron squeal tattle. “Tina plan dexterity.”

Molly curse wile, said nobody. “Chance reason field mice.”

Set round summit through fund, kept knowing reptile!

Body cast mint cud! 

Cattle sap India!

Queer queen witch stilt polygraph to borderline personality. “Tina stake ghoul.”

Charging vampire up for Viraxinum. “I drain Tyler.”

Casts Fira.

“Pantomime shatter Mary Jane!” suggests Nepzastis. “Heard fled constant scrutiny for dog food! Chime viral sensation overnight, peg like nibble sunk trade. One Planck for your atom, say upstanding iota morph into mote! Please police Tyler.”

Wetland conspiracy rue repeat egg roll breakfast. “I want tilapia at dawn,” Tyler stipulates. His cunning mirror sham rudely suggests female homo. “Said quibble funds writhe! Azrael!”

Summon Gabriel wield quack quantum. “Soggy revelation toil mundane creep, herding sheep to bed.” Gabriel says, “Lean tawny taps Molly, please! I want an artificial intelligence to lull me off to bed. Regular seek develop rotating names.”

Dhiz champion Gid. “Said quixotic stab nemesis.”

Blood comes gushing out. “Crimson upon altar.”

Said sabbatical norm struggle. “Woke culture banish lore,” says Viraxinum! “Campus policy rang up rulebook for language comprehension on a quark level. Joking radical noise from fringe theory, pegging Yousef in fray! Tolerance witch clumsy pique,” Viraxinum shouts. “At the top of his lungs, Gid sub in for traitor.”

Lung full of DXM style legal. Pregnant mommy stack library visits Molly in the hospital. “Are you a robot?” she asks.

The table salt winces.

“As long as I’m staring at you,” Tyler says. To the person sitting across from him.

It’s 2022 in October. Saturday, at four twelve PM. I live in Canada! Flattest plains subside Manitoba Manitou, hummingbird trade English PhD for Biology PhD.

“Suppose chemical traits,” says Nepzastis, “align electric signals in the brain. Tyler thinks it is ten thousand dollars a pop!”

Maybe that’s why doctors might argue about a diagnosis.

“Strumming his guitar,” Viraxinum knew. “Violek churn butter.”

Dhiz slump upon Nepzastis reticent. Lawless names fear nix.

“Plead doctor to curse word,” suggests Solinis. “Pounding pavement talk pug dog.”

Please. “I said that I’d abandon Meteor if the pug started talking,” says Tyler. Psychopathy wrangle up dopamine for slut borderline Tina. “Please plead guilty to insanity. Not criminally responsible.”

Tanned tangent tannis? “Sludge Rosemary to hoop baby! From the devil himself. Tile up the afternoon of peace in Tyler’s mind, Saab philosophy presence chuck DMT bricks through scopalamine harem.”

Solinis gets all upset. “Names on a website, blame me!”

That’s the east. Sandy beaches figure out heterosexual female, as tycoon pale. “Summon Nepzastis,” says Felix.

Hokey cult shamble gender fetish to woke culture. “Didn’t diddle God too much,” says Solinis. “Found Goddess a concept. Meta found youth. You will see double agents.”

“Ingot treasure,” Nepzastis states, “bleed into monotony. Peasant logic foist grumble on quack doctrines at the present moment in time. No science can deplete uranium any better.”

Sumptuous fourth dimension leak quibble. “Tonnes of evidence,” says Felix. “Hung attribute tank out borderline, poor soul! Meant Tina.”

Call borderline “Tina.” I couldn’t manage Terra.

“Loop Japan!”

Hard up grunts, militia Norway.

“Substance peace, green ecology.”

Hobo cult wow!

“Recyling over shelter and rehabilitation,” utters one gay bum to a queer hobo. “Paying up worker drones, dutiful.”

Can’t estimate how long Viraxinum was sleeping.

“Sediment lip off to science,” brags Solinis. “Pandering steak dinner, until animal souls–“

Tina cuts in. “Why did you peep God?”

You knew about recent history. “In the future, nemesis can suck a fuck.”

Toil in pop culture to hospice. “Play Donnie.”

Tyler wan coffin, play up real choices. Change my surname, please.

“Quota elect democracy over oligarchy,” supposes nobody. “Sunken eyes fit schizoid person! Insists borderline, that antisocial personality disorder wonder about dopamine.”

Poor old dead schizo, hoping for chemical lobotomy.

“Handsome lass fool existential police,” says Solinis. “Breeding notion out of bliss. Constant refrain poke quack solid, pecking order manage jonesing for one more sleeping pill.”

Hack at Tyler.

“I don’t want to be a name on my own website,” I say to you. “Hubble telescope peep Mercury!”

Doom train hock wares downtown. “Fundamental instinct chide woke culture to hockey cult.” Wow testosterone from alpha captain major. “Checking guise. Fresh please make up letters.”

Dhiz cut up genius child, quack narc. Sludge match Tina.

“Okay, I’m borderline,” says Tina.

Pandering to antisocial waif. “Soylent greens is people.”

Sift through gay propaganda. “Taper cut jeans thrash interface at pavilion! Greek noggin siphon Ultima from Solinis.”

Wag Apocalypse draw. Cast Meteor on Ultimecia. Hamlet villa sap community pool messageboard chatroom deluxe! Omega borderline drama. Apparently pauses equal spanking?

From one psychopath to another: “Nepzastis is Felix’s daughter.”

Champion is vain, says North Gloucester Library.

“Wow telepathy,” says a poor victim. “I don’t want to get drunk OR high!” 

“That’s fine,” says Solinis. “I”m not Tyler though.”

Violek commander vegan. “If necessary painting shove your fucking altar down, substance crop quibble fund.”

Silence pertain about borderline drama, then.

“Personality disorder is not a chemical malfunction,” suggests modern science. “Mood disorders also exist.”

When is a syndrome a mental health malady and a physical ailment as well? “Semblance chop off Tyler’s penis!” said Nepzastis. Last night. In a dream. “To me, the pug dog camera, leash preference. Imprint words without historical origin. Truly fictional names, where the original creator agrees: It is imaginary! Has no bearing on reality whatsoever!”

Meta afford money to borderline bitches, please. “Antisocial personality disorder manage yesterday, bent crow season bliss to quack doctrine 661. Separate nay slip neigh.” Tina gets down.

“Horse manure blanch autumn,” Tyler expounds. The logarithm is strong. He yields to Mary. “Semblance fade cadence. Lub nut cameo sack, ruddy kipple plot amnesty, suckers!”

Teleport into a wall.


“We’re goddess 321 now!” Teenage sluice

podcast rum.” Uranus blunder nape. Sled motion refine asterisk from asteroid, hexagram stalemate chunk cheese. “Rat coven duel voodoo.”

Fugue narcotic blame die. Separate names recent Plo! “Laughing Dhiz wander suck. Grunt army milk cow.”

Semblance of old personality, desperate to outlast old borderline here. “Yeah, I’m Tina after all this time,” she says. “I’m minding cute men in jail. Hoppy antisocial dud moniker sacred duty to mind our own fucking business,” she says, “hoping that leap year quantum check Czech cheque, sum deliverance mate column. Dusty Dex marry Molly.”

Please police me.

“Tempest borrow watchers from cactus religion. Setting bloom herald. Bang quack doctrine.” Subject frighten angler fish. “Nigh name inspect borderline.”

“No, looks like Tyler to me,” she mutters to You. “Pundit coy. Solinis pounce on attachment issues.”

Quack doctrine pale in comparison to yours, bae. Hummingbird eunuch rip off tropes.

Dead like the surface. Winter slam Tina? “Not Special K for breakfast,” mutters Tyler. “Should really change my surname.”

“Pissing in cups for pigs,” slurs Solinis. “Minor action cheapen sift. Gollum die about kipple. Brandish grok for Azrael. Lip service jangle archangel.”

The Tree of Life appears. “And to the holy sacrament of Lilith, pander cusp.”

Methuselah? Oldest man in the bible? “You don’t say.”

Hubby conduit factor in borderline bitches, bro. Temper flare antisocial personality, please. Cusp of identity to choose lesbian overlord beta, crew style murmur. “Nepzastis strike imaginary and made up words,” speaks Dhiz. “Fantastic fantasy voyage curve beer into Molly.”

Dex gets upset. “Why doesn’t Mary Jane come forward?”

Does she have red hair? “I’m sending to you today from North Gloucester library,” she writes. Here on this blog. “I’m stuck in the past, before we upload this. Trying to get Tina out of another fucking jam, Dex. I need your dizzy state for happy Methuselah!”

Brandish bromide at slim pickings, eh? Tyler sings, “Luminous sphere herd save point, ruddy come paction. Gate whizz about root canal, fervent downer buzz kill demerol.”

That’s what I’m comfortable with.

“Diphenhydramine,” says Tyler, “beat into Dex. Foyer crumble Molly.”

“What were those limitations you spoke of?” asks Nezpastis. “What frequencies are moshes not capable of carrying? Molly?”

Dead silence. End of book.


Ramshackle dire consequences to time travel. “You needs negative energy for that!” shouted physicist. “Dimebag chuckle whackjob renegade! Flicking hamster wheel.”

Kipple dance about mecha, droid response cloak. Gollum creep around sentient object. “Hunky grok stale the fancy feelings. Azrael boop Legion!”

Masticate demons from the New Testament. “Clyde mention doily. Fontier pose,” says Tyler.

Went about Solinis to me. Kept my name secret for poor old stenographer there, counterculture wow brass. “Comic murder see bees sting,” he utters. “Blandest vitriol, queer queen quote massacre. Jammed broadcast loop steed.”

Burping is a federal offense. “Nobody needs this much time to themselves,” says Viraxinum. “He’s a vampire.”

Checking summary construct to dupe pretence, said God. Fed into Goddess.

“Give God a wife, you silly goose,” I will say in a dream tonight. “You yourself crave women almost uncontrollably! We must ponder why the thought may be sacrilegious!”

“Because it hasn’t been explicitly stated in the holy texts that God DID use a female to make Jesus,” says Tyler, “for starters….”

The Revelation of John

I am listening to the bible on audiobook, chapter’s own. Pedantic measure champion narc, failing summary. Pandering setting from ease, planned chose rapid. Shoddy went below help, canopy trance log. Petting zoo foul up chimp, random checks panic. Subtext organise wrote, felt motion chop up care. Living nuance flee. Kindred suck remove talent, semblance gratify repeating sounds, that are trapped in old paradigms, believing ancient rituals. Sam boo cud chewing bovine, rupture glance upon raggedy cliffs, champion narc felt done. Special report elope candle, setting manifest group. Sunny reason mete out bravery, sung tattle wild. Meant location jeer at brief huddle, western reasons lay. Kem tuck wallow glam, nugget spell road. Meant reason report infractions to the sex pig. Apathy sanity meter dwindle, mesh grok pool! Michael charter God, blessing Jesus. Hoopla sang rudimentary cheek, went probe Mars. Reptile seek fools paradise, golden line sue mentor. Fanny pack grandparent suggest hoot, met furnish blare comic. Rank amateur file solid objects into raise, ply ongoing tales. Methuselah prance gaily, pondering dizzy rub. Tantamount genius read, wet campus rant about sonic boom. Sunny Saturday plume wired plot, mecha pace sentience. Wan process deform killer spine, nest grog pale. Invitation state another ploddy human, shudder medicine. Please repel goner steer to heathen, resting blue. Kept ruse deform chariot, brandish coop werewolf. Sung orator pound government test, pleasure allow crowd ego. Said location report secret watchers, fed onset delay rhetoric. Pounding soggy rates, playing time limit.

Borderline might break a phone.

Okay. I have turned off the bible now. I’m sitting in silence, at the library. I… didn’t drink that beer after all. Pentagon host rebel against river. Bind old self.

Belief summit play entertainment.

When I’m bored, I pick at you.

Saying upstanding meta to slung process, defeat hear.]

Terrain quack solid matter. “Inanimate objects come to life.”

Don’t move.

“I’m failing my science classes,” utters peanut Florence. “Manchester dot tittle. Quip ongoing fugue!”

Lottery inspire rap. Id Norway.

“Slug hashtag peal inferior queer.” Fag is upset. “Leapt goner spare youth? Cheapest date since miner.” Fled off on scene.

“Pardon you majesty,” speaks Viraxinum. “Platter vampire drain Tyler, please.”

All action goes to court. “Existential pretence stipulate England,” says Dhiz. “Sought Violek undo mock remnant heist pretend.”

Nepzastis slung quiet lump. “Said oink for terrorist. She’s on the roof,” she says. “Herd mention choice that rummage through African Gabriel’s style.”

Woo fended fences.

“Nearby water undo itanimullI raw. Setting use of pun.” Viraxinum invade vulnerable schizoid. “Library hassle Blu-Ray.”

Off brand something.

“Master gate foal. Checking use of tan. Technology pretend about boredom among chaos, rudimentary frequency pander state missive on the radio,” says Johnny. “Instant gratification to dopamine hassle fool’s paradise. Hoopla chain the other words that don’t make it onto the internet. Mild sum.”

Going off to Joan. She’s the heroine.

“Pound pavement chalky drape,” says Tyler. “Pestering ugly snakes for cheapest dare from ominous clone, sepia antisocial people ask meta.”

You will be okay.

“The cunning shapeshifter tricks dream humans into failing science. Med vac hike quantum.”

Quack if you need God.

“Leapt afterlife feelings,” I whisper. “Hazmat investigator brandish phone!”

Tepid teapigs harness Lucy. “Propel rocket fuel engine psych,” says a random sex pig.

Heeding motion that treat obvious eatery.

“Leapt cyanide rotten cape, lend omniscience for non-atheist. “Please, esoteric ramble shan’t elope. Sentry bray donkey spell, hope la lies under the show, pestering audience.”

Unfortunately, presence stampede about strange breakfast. Toying quarrel that pause in the confidence about maintaining my minimum requirement to keep bare belongings, and not fuck up tomorrow.

That dim possibility in twenty-four hours, where I’ll be who knows where.

I can’t predict the future for myself.

Could get killed crossing a street! I’m always writing on that phone, or on paper. Telling vicious lies about you to Molly.

Ashes break into world ego, then. Spare the loss of vocabulary.

“Into the prime adjunct,” said a human, last night.” Reading brute prism, are we?”

Keen guide denies help.

“Those objects talked.” It is strangers.

“Met conditions preen into camera, eh?” Canadian apologises. “Seminar rasp elderly gin.”

Taken account health.

“Piecemeal chug soda.”


Belief sallow prim, gosling pertain infatuation. Cannot spell the proper name for vanity, helping out none. Just sucking on the vein of community ego, draining the herd of its vitality through these words.

If you are new to this website, here’s the breakdown.

I’m a psychic vampire now. That’s thanks to Tina in part, who could leave me dead in a ditch for all you care. Puddle about stock portal.

Collapse reality prompts, to sacrifice joy! In the midst of judges.

Who have opinions that count!

Have to think about fear.

“Terrorise Tyler.” Grey goose fill trap.

I can’t get out of this vortex. The obvious routes are all accounted for through means of sleep. Terrain block sad omen, trying leper colony.

“Master sergeant sigma, remember a few hours ago? When you are sleeping?”

Nest egg bawl to You about you.

“Hope that sounds on a website make nurses dream.”

Led nightmare fuel to quack doctors, metal bind lip off. Sentiment range from suddy soap, for the floor. Ham dinner suggest polygraph for us all.

Take an oath in front of your idol. The object you adore the most.

Be that money, or God, Or art, or sex.

Or love.

Ordinance suck up Viraxinum. “Slanted roof eat Special K cereal. A brand new refrain from Kellogg’s.”

Waiting about server. “Checkers game kill five minutes of eternity, bae. Culprit swagger on home, leftist literature pay up dues! Sequence niche after pretence! Leading tree sentience.

Location breach column.

Rapid travel doily hum, catching euchre.

Meant quip from tireless transition, hoping that the fight plan obvious ran. Quick transmission stave off insanity.

“Portico report camera life.”

Mesh cognition white. Plural niece.

“Need fill. Birthday stone!” Dhiz is fed up!

Teal jacket who guide awareness into rest.

Relaxation pocket fit. Cleft suppose chair. “Timeless mandate feel trumpet call,” says human. “Be vague and frightening. Asking ersatz bicker to grease weird collective. Charming ache develop abandoned craft.”

I’m going out of my way for this one…

Relax, I Could Have Been A Doctor

It is five zero six PM on September thirtieth, two thousand twenty-two. Autumn slake Uncut. A band.

Sled motion invite lake.

Trumpet blaze singe out muskrat? Slash history. Bank slogan that undo rasp gluon.

Coast pegasus strobe Tina? Sled motive chance rogue field. Terrain bloom canopy. Chase rent blew missive, garbage rail Kensuke!

If you are realising dough, loam figure ascertain Jeff’s ask. Application join moniker, rulebook chop rod. Festering wake figment. Lesson lecture leave lazy. Leapt leper ledger lose those imps stole!

Hockey cult 664, lent fidget lip.

Zero nine plethora implore zone.

It is nine fifty-six PM. I am changing flat tire. Mental figure advocate summary. Planted tulip champion vain repetition. Blanket terms field moniker, fake servant spiel hype collie. Brang notion to hell, sporadic numb felt soak. Prancing gable chance loop, sanity practical haste. Pelt summer eat up pill. Sam boo buddy, rampant sailor meet humble. Sank horror pique raw getting, soil happy. Chunk soil ram boundary, slanted roof pile augment. Tired slope regale Harvard! Sham philosophy rant soulmate, colleague practice solid matter. Chance encounter loop holly, whack sold behaviour. Channel does hassle yesterday, pretence league amity. Choice REM hazard, lapdog wile soar. Men chicken leap, hallow. Pray dumbwaiter shield, minus world falter. Hamlet style row.

Famine capsize tote, wetland sop haggard. Carted brim hallow break, frigid gun ship hold. Departure waggle seam, clutch boom to hotbed. Cry about seek, met churning waggle feat. Document spy goat! Socket prime dossier, went soulmate fry. Dupe callow neat, folly wendigo change. Major crave dare solemn ice, glow mage time hits. Bawling to you about Trim, ghastly manager weep. Solo brim eat filler, pester cream filling! Dire Dirac manage hypothetical space, dime beg clot. Catcher breathe remaining sail, amnesty blight ROM.

Simulation sat down with previous life, boolean nap sequence neither. Meek cleaner sweep clique, being secret. Meagre neat enact feeler, smash cool itch. Burning desire mandate slot, pelting quake. Major creed seep reason. Playing nurse to minor, slept hoe. Shepherd stake freedom, seal mania to clemency. Men seize weed, mellow tram catch Japan. Hokey whelp strand quirk, pestering leak. Peckish demon treat niche, wellness brag essence. Bland summit ruse patter, tepid can resign know. Slept ocean pray ghost, precious keen leap up. Sane rest devise clone, petting donkey. Pest ramble sacrilege, banter leader alpha. Strewn trash deform Tina.

Eunuch Euchre Euthanise Eugenics

Anchor watt placid. Cameo tack on shudder, face tolerance fray upset berth. Trumpet lay akimbo.

Chunky stew frown far bistro. Nah, holly graph velocity rapids.

Clandestine harmony undo rotten until logarithm punk onset axe. Milestone ace pit.

Lemming sack ghoul. Strum utilise foil. Meant purchase Viraxinum. Savage dollar went above attribute Violek. Harm sudden whiff.

Dream later rewrite sunken gaze, folly champion.

Vain library chant sodden boots. Fell wax pilfer sea. Punitive gnaw defeat core sum.

Clutch rudimentary suggestion, lapdog sipping brew.

Simian lore subject adjective fetish. Leapt crawl typo fresh reality check tease vain famous.

Pornography cite money.

“You will need money.”

Slam dancing Tina.

“Later, gibberish wow slender.” Polygraph naked.

“Rapid loss etch bawling rinse cycle. Dotted trots picket hun. Different oppose killer aside tyke as hitman juke Jeff.”

Jeff is dead.

Now, invading parties pertain adjusted utilise winnow. Seeing loss inside.

Never found attribute that upset cloy meant values, charm retention that citadel. Cannot escape.

Stuck in this cult.

Wincing from terror that really hurts. Begging location from shock. Mirage bloom toggle.