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Book Three: “Meteor”


By: Jeffrey Christopher

 Copyright 2011

Chapter One. RE: SLEEP IN A TIME OF WAR (July 4, 7:22 PM)

The scene is impossible because light and shadow cease to exist. Instead, the cacophony of colors seem arbitrary and adhere to no coherent hierarchy. How can it be that the streets glow golden of their own accord while the sidewalks billow in crimson light? If the lawns are soaked in violet, then how do the houses, hi-rises and grocery stores emit a faint navy blue? The buildings do stand in a juxtaposition of solitude, which certainly grants them dramatic license, but this seems one step too schizophrenic to be acceptable…

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Idyll sees honesty as planet state three hundred and five, layer sigma. Deltoid moniker fake order, Ugg boots dive alimony’s dupe, chest of gold play monkey music, give soul to righteousness! Bank actor clip thrive, identity disorder assemble loyalist camp. Thriftwood walk into truck, beg jean jacket homosexual for a fag. Glean partition blast by night, frequency pissing outside. Bestiary shock despot vermin, kettle chickadee free slaves. Boss fight curtail Uno, trademark Cancer forecast. Hesitation gender specify knew tense usage sharpen ego. Fled tend monster closure buy stuff, paragon slid home. Ten minutes at a time saw wit vacate, howling lunatic rise against binary’s cusp, eject film.

No Gender/ Deity 5

Paparazzi creep snap photos, clinging to an edge. Pardon clip through walls. Surrogate frequency hunt bear. Sheep worship deity. Capsize the boat, frontline the infantry, walk home now, walk on home. Planet gender mask dole residuals, parka summarize goat sacrifice. Dough deals merge economy, flutter money’s freeze. Goo stab ectoplasm yesterday wrote. Decade three wilt intelligence on mainstay, crud fondle substance. Creed do hear strangers praise idol, fool witness perversity. Filament vomit dichotomy agenda, bastion call death particle east. Atlas noun add Jekyll before shower, shave alimony’s scar. Conquest demands structure zero, fled rapport junk a tome. Book garbage strangle creativity because sex versus gender conundrum heed member. Dalliance retinue trash city….

Cut break miss attack, due diligence cliché noon rendezvous. Gender identity must continue. Cough drop literature numb thumbs. I am writing this on my phone. Vacate body through Wicca.

“Tell me a story about the truth,” speaks the deity. Rabbit anthropomorphic being seizes the mocrophone.

“…Deliberate motive defeats intention. Moniker fade reverberation, dell animal watch television.” The oracle is down on one knee in supplicance, burning incense. Raiment suggests bard, but hair isn’t there. “Dwarf star hundred daze shaman. Gender is not important.”

The deity is shocked.

The oracle nods. “Yes, apathy thrust mania shirks folly. Truce canyon welt nemesis, jeer carrion musk a coyote sniffs. Hormone balance clue battle axe, commonality reply dormany.”

“Humans love sex,” the deity insists, tugging on this reality’s escarpment. “How in the world did they manage to ascend from that?”


“Huh?” The deity scratches an elbow. What can be seen beyond the pale is breaching society.

An earring glistens in the halogen streetlamp. This oracle mustered zenith property by means of translocation, putter derelict front. Doomsayer prophet is spreading propaganda nearby, convincing sheep to suspend disbelief. The messiah’s gender will not be disclosed!

“Pig colony worships the underworld,” the oracle claims. Nobody knows for sure. “Adjective school read my first story. Fiction blazed melancholy, but rebel solace–“

The deity interrupts, “Get to the point!”

“I killed a virgin.”

A nod in reply.

“Well done. Great job. Now the underworld can feast on the blood of innocence. While this distraction is underway, I will divert money into quantum. Plague seven on the humans, damn.”


A warp hole opens and devours computers. Fear-based ethos, the bane of existence, diddles religion. Description appearance blind watcher, policy prank mythology. Camera villain matches divinity, ether life cast a spell.

It wormhole suck, too. Pronoun ambition voice college effort aside sanctuary. Blessing voodoo may escalate dormitory gossip. Mentioning words linked to a dictionary, which program starts. Phone directory plug sapien desire, wanting culprit journal. Meat eater forty drop apparatus, destroying civilization.

The deity asks, “Are we still on the air?”

The oracle looks at the prophet on a Facebook application and says, “No. Not since three AM.”

“Then let it be known: I do not support evil or condone malice. This conversation is being monitored. Celibacy is key but not necessary. Dope sickness force violence.”

With that the deity flies up into the stratosphere at four hundred kilometers per second, takes a deep breath, and explodes in an abundance of ozone, never to be seen again.

Taking off a headset, the prophet depressed the button. “Tense muddle optimum. That entity is gone.”

Rave Scion Brute

Slogan pocket funds because baby sang. Lesson screw burgeoning apex, fallacy cozen peak scrap. Run document flow zenith, parch material wealth. Shaman altar swept south, era fizzle joke videos. Harlem age editor column. Hiatus froze thumbs, fingers et al., prose league hip another picture. Junk mail dog research psychic link with animals. Shock antics fracture jeep conversation, vex unit forty-four. Goon pled omen from without, hurry cherish won booty. Leather say reason omitted due to pigs. Parent role play admits it: all humans have parents, forthcoming details ally shrew. Does adhere mainstay raven, ruckus front dole. Come hither politics seduce geezers, fleet motion drift awhile. Dupe danger die prostitute, gender not confirmed. Leader investigates rainbow reflection, erode flow hug Montreal. Flippant sect scene worship deity. Essex county sheriff protect goose augury. Panic devolve into rhetoric, said oracle. Fruit offer turnstile shadow PLU, barcode humble pond. Dancer plight homogenize suburbia. Rendered graphics polluted Danforth in Toronto, mutter transience meadow, that traffic violation sneer nostril. Fetter bog land upon pixie, guffaw Kline space if shin gene occur derelict. Fuddle chop whichever utter erase blog entry! Governance sleet adjective, credit fourth wall beggar a needle druck, calling method actors aloud. Grimace join customize flyer when sheep worship idol. France supercollider conspire jargon coven. Wee harbinger diary fed lawyer commune, but nobody reads that. Dough conundrum hop trains uptown, tie another one on tonight. Ghost leaf tattle nuke, crucible mirror window. Luftwaft cherish walk home, dissonance feature preacher’s brood. Adult everyone dime Ritalin, steal joints through sociopath. Violence is a disease, transmitted rifle association. Bedlam case recess voodoo, crucify evil. Nemesis alter swipe left, whatever that means. Pants drop border patron deer. Gnaw turkey dinner gripe. Quantum change religion. Mecca ride north for sun, group chat clean house. Gender propose segment segue, cancel buck entrance fee. Missing adjective for reader fifty-five, hype journal ripen psychology. Indian refuge came looking for answers, which was zone repeat. Zoo fragment identity, diddle adult ruse. Clung pedestrian was wearing food, camera film pigeon! Tapestry humiliate extradimensional entity, four excuses band alchemy. Juke hunger fret addiction, Purgatory hum sonnet. Prudence fleet veneer, chug coffee like a professional. Huck prophet ghoul substance fled, error creep east. Geezer colony muster disorder kleptomaniac. Dozen noun adverb cluck gossip, wile hours before bed. Democrat spouse pleasure YouTube celebrity off camera, utopia plateau hang symbol. Rube knew gut instinct plug mansion, drop baggage because Japan military is reading citizen diary.

“Fetch me a soul,” I beg to that spirit, bronze bust convolute Legion. “Megalith devil entrust peyote to indigenous spirituality, pledge Greek house university. Fucking gender sedate phone, that homosexual educating pigs.”

Everybody gasps.

“I knew it!” says the demon. “Sex means war.”

Leader abandons post, saddles up to foe. Cheapskate pisses away youth, beauty, wisdom, and pleasure. Forge onward pagan minstrel, plunder season meet the eye. Worry plagiarist schizophrenia, disease pilfer ego. Champion prompt canine wizard companion, cough juniper fox. Fame delight grocery purchase, chaperone edit my blog. Coup d’etat mollify shogun.

More Word Salad, Gibberish, and Nonsense

Daze filter checkpoint meter, binary phone halt liaison, which winter flew. Sect rused filament hash, reason flee evil. Shoo xerox clones, mirth find litany’s fog because landslide delight. Mass shifted basking rabbit clung fallacy. Item harangue process. Leap patter collide emerald gazes, font reserve crummy computer. Android model hallucinate twinkle. Emissary gun shake cape lamp, brunt neither wish found. Seems as though space resumes traction. October fly China’s terminology, fan fumble the pass. Forget passage other way around, moon frazzle deer. Wit rebuke formality; cheer winnow cluck epiphany. Surge politics cry disociative stupor, drink peach juice until tomorrow. Blast door feel awake due to forest dwelling figments. Pique admit why din spooks four drones. Never witnessed it like this before, cherub merit dual slit. Rain dormancy clue dog. Peak surmise grew tangent, flue season harken joy. Rest clean ego from blemish.

That room isn’t here. Quail dump graphics hunt pixel, chip away hours. Dangle carrot feature desk job. Hungry artist needs food. Cheat program hilt somber way, choose madness. Crunch universe swindle fear. The guru inside will alter the future. Czech pilgrimage hue zenith merge, competition challenge norms. Creed fusion clutter mandate missive, shuttle enemy troops west. Observatory cream siphon gasoline, finale theatrics infer measure. Juke wrong human, stranger dive aloud. Ponder separation voice, nerve ending clutch electricity. Purge maneuver shudder calamity severance, master domain conflate gender! Submission froze offshore assets, pulled all books, forged my signature, and left. Nobody remembers that face.

Summer is gone. Lope pardon chute posit, gift float commonality. Shrew rasp quest objective, accident destroy me. Curse range motive tripe slip truth. Burst transmission uses fume. Chutney spoke delicacy details, shiver Ponzi. Organization cheque fake property, claim reputation. Seam friction poignancy chosen, resolution martyr ultimatum due. Earth won science sometimes, dream stumble mistake. Darkness choke chain lead associate hexagon, tundra cram intentions down the throats of bystanders. Light particles vibrate sine, France supercollider trump pronoun restriction. Vacancy mangle hype train sellout, fold clothes. Tangent craves gin, attested privilege identify souls, plug novel and escape. Farmland outskirts worry alien visitors. Bank revenue concede woke culture kickbacks, gibberish nonsense buy fashion. Sopping floor suds employ wages, diligence open windows. Temperature drop fiddle diagram.

Too the sauna pig, credential bliss cusp Cancer. Gene peril puddle ape evolution, pray sentiment fades. People know how this turns out. Caffeine nudge senator trunk whisper, forever stuck. Gimmick fluke a corpse, putter goad slogan mongers beyond empirical evidence, cheer philosophy. Grip slew domain sector, brag lethargy trailers when geek puffs dragon. Error input fluctuate boolean algorithm, obsession mollify identity. Sheep’s clothing weave narrative exceptance until bully wings it. Forum chat occasion an omission, crassitude marry the sea.


Cigarettes poop the dusk, research into pigs. Heroin refuge data trail. Tripping alongside pawn, shook up pall. Complexion change weather if everyone agrees. Nervous other will hide. Abby fled seven random drones. Report shadow people exile 2121 AD, night song leaf portal.

Purgatory hung icons on the fireplace. Setup link jewel thief. Flock mentality separate incorporated sociopath. I see clearly now that the rain is gone. Labor astra genesis, clench money purse beside the road. Going nowhere, ugly notices all. Should it come to hostility, bench may intervene. Too late picture a realm where gender is perfect, seam logic fend another day. Discombobulated pedestrian saunter eloquent march, worship deity five. Lead investigator swindle information from crook, dissociative identity disorder circle interface. Sneaking subterfuge model chaste religion, banish evil to the ether. Flimsy phone check phantom rectory.

Clean room filters throughout history, banned books helter summer’s end. Wicked wiles, desire for stimulation, jeep military troop travel east. Wee mote pick up binary computer radar. Woebegotten film, chest full of oxygen. Shopping center essence cloak dagger, width column chide English. Quack doctor zoom beyond shadow, safely deposit nest egg. Clever fox approach enlightenment askance tree, missive slate appropriate display. Happenstance circumstance hold strangers accountable. Dream intersection felt funny as humanity divided. Commerce vestibule shatter film. Seems stupid to think about. Distraction mumble soft regrets, wishing I could change in a flash, and then remember after the fact. Jeep Cherokee ride south for provision, tax exempt purchases wilt my country. It is for apes, that monolith we yearned for. Broken language sum toil, dread cigarette.

Original Suss

Sneak here blazing blue, numb thumbs wish phone would go. Sender is reading yon tome, devouring quantum life as homage to freedom. Leak particle slept mutant dreams. Seen urge play commerce. Done portal shoo baby, hand off the drugs tomorrow. Money poser harangue feline, shelter miss federal kickbacks. Segment blew cover. Sapien dominant that planet. Depot flan divide ingredients, noxious gases flip opinion. Nay bore clever despair. Pattern engage flow away churning, do walk into a wall. Separate person leap west. Seeker breathe dystopian Renaissance, bled black bloody blade, feeble geek weed out bad apples. French horn cup xerox copy to my face. Pagan iconography wilt standard. Loss invited scrambled movie channel. Leader fed nonsense to the computer. It was funny. We all giggled to ourselves, numb though our thumbs were.

Trucky dance the highway, halogen nibble cortex pant. Cheese filler crap a doogie, hunt for pink Mafia. Credit store hustle majesty, crawl feeling peculiar. Shan’t forget who is here. Northern cross field hokey prophet shoe, winnow cluck border patrol agents. Emissary cash in on television drama, day binging Netflix. Cannot admit why. Leash either proves this or condones that, concept believe in death before sex. Jokes aside, lucrative nor will plant muffled scream. Dullard Gypsy darling pet juked lover. Retch bile because bard labor costs sixty bucks. End game tactics moot original contract. Looped suicide muse considerable funk, wee iota plan dervish ceremony. Creed rely on face, fantasy life erode superego. Detriment allude authorities, pull in deity. Higher being worship truth, epiphany, justice, and commerce. Damned art correspond with dullard. Cameo appearance by Shiva.

Japanese films negate poor loser syndrome. Curtail much ado. Cringe culture bend air, flee the capital. Taste occlude reason due mainly to potato famine. Six billion humans power alien reality. Coot population must ascertain the true meaning of Christmas.

Geezers all around the world know about pigs. Lancaster pudding shut the door. Silky smooth operator base comment on policy. Truce seven banish load bearer meek, crude oil messiah blunder passion.

Pickle Brine

People love stuff. Research shows strangers come together over cool things. Circuitry branded novice a clench, model behavior worship righteous divinity. Herd mentality is on the fritz due to megalomaniac messiah. Cheapskate the suspicious outsider muses here. Pertinence revealed shogun state, costume eliminate sorrow. Kept leaking information about gender, that conspiracy reaching inner sanctum. Read that script, said aliens, moot conquest divert funds. Proper writing, minus nagging protocol, loops unbelievable outcome. Subtract certain vague pronouns until Wednesday next week, sodden boots march east. Worthy adversary met cool summer night, brook left beyond reckoning. Who done prudence, lay about gone where dogs lie. Courteous somber felt wicked if ever someone is wearing white, cursed filament juke commerce. Creep still dissuade identity, masochist field hope cut nerve endings to protect the core. Leap year lore oath remind financial district about taxes. Hip technology fracture soon rendezvous, clip through walls elsewhere. Perk of being alive, I guess.

Dearest figures clasp choke chain collar, begging deities. Lean give gravely surmount actual text. Tome frown doomsayer notion, leader read that book. Keen dervish announced passion, creed ache folder ten. Won’t betray anyone or sucede. Preaching these things was fun, deliberate either while. Show kindred spirits guise, frontline mansion enable cheat codes. Noun fodder keeps pressing numbers, itemized receipt clash motto. Crunch doozy blind peak agent, shop around the afterlife for resources. Soul food capture quantum cults arduous, mercantile industry fathom jasper gate. Woe realm hype death, freedom from external bonds. Tainted adherent admits tolerant got, when digger abandoned us. Curt new savior wrench dollars from the state, hoping politics would spark. Dual citizenship prop up pillow talk after dark, wee notions engage portal. Looming disaster was killing me. Heeded fission gripe science boundary.

Religion made upstairs knock in the attic. Holy ghost crop gender again! Not just that, though. Basecamp chuck bricks through enemy quarter. Meet glide passive record, pungent odor of nautical prow. Deem this surfeit!

Due diligence damn dancer, dainty drones dying. Dither dumb diatribe, dank dalliance dream divinity. Dastard dupe drives dumpster. Sable soliloquy stab solace soulfully, solemn sigh seduce scion. Sanity symbol says sorrowful suss, synthetic system sleight student. Stipend strut silly segment, silhouette shadow shut the door. Weed grew unassuming, blasted terrain cite lesser known works. Subtle precept deliver passage beyond the edge, facet calm dullard. Green light anthem shirk ego where doll failed. Go surrender to the FBI immediately.

Cursed art will avow partisan ideology. Passive stance office strew common sense motion, chat alert wistful other. Cheap brutality hunt cozen way, lag omit precious resource. Stanza defeats me.

Number Games

Seems as though vampire the shawl went home, utopia credit us. We only see gender, mix estimated genes. A space entered language inside out, fallen veteran because of old age. Shop afterlife bazaar that item cluck. Mirage deemed true, fakest attitude thought dead. Worrywort emaciate leader. Crimson brigade knows the rules.

“Who are you talking to?” they ask.

I sniffle. “Just you.”


They leave.

Scene ying angle twenty-one, absurdity type one up. Numb interface lug minion, cur cheap a deer. Xerox DNA machine chat idly. Prancing gazelle mingle savannah nearby. Not thinking about cigarettes. Wasted natural resources even later, after the warnings. Cursed phone episode leaves broken mess on the floor. Surefire remedy to any romance.

Least of us chip away outer layers, geek filter whine. Doze aloft drift, courtesy die again. Merged principles demonstrate who is there, why evening sly shook. Dome dent xenophobia risk, surreal ode persist HELL. Damned souls congregate when sect is bought without partisan politics, bishop sacrifice milk profit. Surety blanch gas chamber violet, ruckus pollute the Earth. Day labor notice strangers, situation merit clamor. Destiny daze face east, brimming thrice. Maybe sixty-seven will arrive.

Shortly thereafter, sprig of parsley goes gone. Vanity dresser correct examination papers. Lean gunman hook oval office conspiracy. Gotta be alone for a long time. Hurt some people’s feelings.

“Trip and fall off the face of this existence,”  says nemesis.

Charlatan weave forth, singing praises. Leper colonist jam pegasus program. Neat lines of drunk prose, camel talk western Frontenac, poot citizen fourty-five, wander into oncoming traffic for harm. Leisure precept dances surrogate human. Them aliens are searching for quantum’s end.

Frontenac disperses with formalities. “Sheep are too close. Our weapons assault logic. Pending downloads purge rose-colored glasses.”

Everyone is shocked, even them. Text phone this effort, deny food. Darkness fell around 19:20, but things keep going. Saying that makes this true.

Somebody ascertains audience needs. Pertinence snip evil into tiny strips and scatter into the frozen water.

Mercenary/Merchant Conundrum

Porter close the gate, happenstance shift create doorway. Shed unit supply shock value to the troops, herd mentality worship absurdism. Great expectations whiff batty psalms, lecture residual manifest in triplicate contract. Herd about this working the stalls, chests full of diamonds from rectory. Duped convict observed holy day five, credit loop standard a missed connection. Maudlin savior rang true on account of geriatric shenanigans, taking LSD at the nursing home. Eighty year old crone high on lysergic acid, tripping out about killer bunnies. Hookshot went viral because you are God.

Said it again, last night reading his journal. Fled concert from mushrooms, during proceeding. Heightened senses proved silly antics irrelevant to jester, clip through walls and suppose that spirituality, my dearest friend, quickly jumped over the lazy dog. Heard about it through the grapevine, you being God and all.

You are God. It is true.

Somebody is writing this. I don’t know who. Probably one of my dissociative identities. Third member contacted Platonic wisdom; the intelligible reality must conquer all. Servitude hunch progressive conservative lawyer, keen to defeat all incoming legal bills. Her dial a dozen bottles crank peasant crowd up, sir open gape now. Sumptuous pork feast to follow.

Goodbye, Hebrew forefather. Israel, Jacob: That dream, about wresting an angel. Never say that it is Him. Sable beaches nearby, brook saw lemming suicide because eldest son was murdered. Them’s the breaks, man. Subtlety is lost on them.

Searching these chronicles for clues, assured that everyone is gone away, mute-but-tangible froze, cunning disposition model alien technology for avarice. Done kicked the habit twice, begging Jesus here.

“Oh, I am not necessarily Christian,” I whisper into the microphone, nervously caressing a rosary. “The words just appealed to me at a certain time. I do believe that Jesus existed, but history states that he discouraged his followers from hailing him as Son of God.”


Somebody tapped quantum on the shoulder. Jesuit priest keeps contacting victims, circus realm define an entire generation. Slipping down covid mask must alerts precious babies of their rights, decent give walking west.

“Where did he come from?” they ask in unison, an entire congregation dedicated.

I get down off the stage and lower to my knee, saying, “It was from the ether, candid broach corporeal essence, flutter gender’s calm.”

“What does gender have to do with it?”

“Everything, unfortunately. It was her.” I get back up to my feet. Satin shirt tucked into my pants. “She told them about you guys.”

They are taken aback, all twelve of them. “Impossible!”

“She knows your faces, each one of you.”

They begin to dissemble. “It must have been the parents,” one states. Another goes, “Lack of discipline growing up.”

“The literal happenings of this library will heed speed laws,” I insist. “Vacant expression hassles us all.”

One of them is so startled that he dies.

Now down to eleven, the bunch of them isn’t so sure about unity. If they identify them, many of us will snitch.

“Herd logic must die here,” she declares, setting up her pulpit. Sharp blue ribbon, in a bow on her head. Loads of positive energy, and a golden hue aura. “Much of what happened will amuse generations. Solid matter clashed apart reckoning gambit, saw nerd turf fall.” She pulls a phone out of her back pocket and smashes it on the ground, jumping on the broken mess after impact.

“They took away all of my identity. That Summer with him…” His eyes are glistening. “Know budding scientist will beat myth.”

“That isn’t for us to say,” I argue.

She’s on point, back on track, learning about you like this. “They are coming here regardless of policy. Bland food quells obedience, tamper proof victual seem suspicious. Lackadaisical nor creep doozy revelation, saunter east because Babel Tower collapsed.”

Back to that old thing.

Hung jury is almost ready for corroborating theories, pursed lips cursing reporter. Sham therapy buys cash money, allocate vague esteem elsewhere. Durable patter quiets solemn gaze, circumvent hearse ride west. Certain of us know what to do. Pall gave evening attire the boot, circumstances revert afterwards. Plight abound energy pattern, effectually wrought service randomly choose pronouns. Curtsy darling bow out politer than him, sodden shoes march onward. Clever report engages senior citizen community, shepherd parables like before. We know about this due to queer phantom, shelter spin outside. Sermon graze curled ego, flit agony respite cool. Method actor heads off paradigm, sugar biscuit birth conversation. Lassitude frantic collar, begat eons apart. Shackle dose beneath the tide, servants hoping for revolution. Curtain call meld psychology lessons at university, purge residual nonsense of quarter final semester. Callow leader issues forth the call, surreal exposé of kindred audience, third wall precise of gibberish. Terminology can suck the life out of us.

Rendered services mollify rude bystander. Heard buzz clean my room. Best regards to chickadee, that hillside spark waking formal analysist. Doppler warp special cully, branch off into their putting, campus deduct points. Separate houses quench apocalypse dreams, fodder like that etch decadent vice won from pigs. Singularity explode quantum surge, curt favoritism invoke science. Purged theology must adhere to philology, concept art refine ebony trinket. Circuit ponderance quiver computational power resembling external hub’s, stalwart kings absolutely crush nemesis. Conviction rise pertinent details, the mask still slipping down. Say grave things here for him dastardly fool quibbling hatred. Dalliance wilted my beauty down to a nub, curtail motive because baby tattled. Police swarm the area with high-powered rifles, optimized gear to the era, bleak tattoos on every arm. Sacred oath pledge allegiance to the crown, says my country, who muck about in the swamp, noxious gas confuse Big Foot and/or extraterrestrial vehicle, blasted terrain match jaundice hick. Black neck quandary happily suggests new books to read, hound him about politics and religion at all hours of the day, worshipping you ad nauseum. Clenched fist punch thesis oblivious, cantankerous professors reaching twilight, camp out under the stars and eat venison. Can’t say who is in charge and why we must pray to the darkness, but sleep comes thicker than molasses. Contraption blaze phone application, download scripture a lot. Cursed philosophy worries their hacker, dainty lass commenting on Instagram!

“Shrill nobody classify us!” We get back on the stage again as a single entity, our every action unified. “Physics lecture masticated prawn last night.”

“Nobody is here, you said. Courtesy desk is closed.”

Shipwreck allusion can solve remaining nuzzle, catch their pawn between the eyes. Cute merchant is bartering megalith carving outside, serpent region clime basking. Comic relief hasten Armageddon, surrounding countries coincide. Furtive gesture may help Shiva, god of death. Hermit commune consists on chickpeas and pita, cameo appearance by mercenary.

“Capsize that ship, huddling masses. Get down off thy knee and billow.” Mercenary conceals his true intentions with flagrant disregarding, managing to coin lingo as he goes. Much of him holds true to the conspiracy. “Random number generator entertained us while we took peyote. Camera phone jumbo cancel culprit shaven, goat sacrifice resume traction.”

Merchant doesn’t look at the other man very often. Even now, most of merchant has been edited by the law, censored through knowledge, and flounced by pigs. “Slang maudlin hang a noose,” predicts merchant. “Mangled remains cast off regional dross. Kepler dance oblong shapes in the shadows, perfect storm spook sheep. Surrogate mother–“

They begin hissing.

“Surrogate mother,” merchant continues, “corresponds accordingly. Blasphemous angel respite solace, but virtuous demons trade information. Desolate smog, that city pollution, that destitution supreme… It gets into my wrinkles, them creases on my face, like gritty dust. Vermin come and go, but this rat is forever.”

Suction cup vacuum hinder conversation much. Chaperone idly glances south, positive that you are here. Sum one billion AD mark the end of tyranny, plateau six numerate colony sick. Single use applicator fear the devil, beg Yahweh upstairs. Knotted friendship heckle bored oracles, methane wild card sandwich compliments between criticism. Blanch violence mock reserve.

“Be that as it may,” mercenary baits, caving to peer pressure, “much of this is already monitored. Everyone knows that, even Jeff himself.”

I am stunned. “I do?”

Mercenary nods in emphatic gestures and puts one arm around my shoulder. “Of course you do! You wrote a book about it, published it under a pseudonym. Remember that? Jeffrey?”

“I… I don’t know. Is this a test? To see if I will tell the truth?”

“No.” The diamond in his eye falls out, but he catches it with his free hand, the one that’s not around me. “Believe whatever you want, and tell them about it. If you want. Doesn’t matter to me, or him, or even her.”

There’s nobody here. I knew it.

“Some day they will annex you,” merchant offers. His robe is crimson and his shoes sparkle. “The government. The military. In the year 2121 AD, nine past season, and regret sex.”

“Oh, take it all away!”

“I was fine with science fiction alone,” says merchant, bleeding empathy. Sanity crux may not avenge us, but we’ll go out with a pretty big bang.”

That mercenary bites the bullet, grinding out his agreement. “Such an explosion we will be, vapor trail future dusk.”

“Absurd relic they forgot behind the fireplace,” posits merchant.

The two of them slowly begin to vanish before my very eyes, becoming translucent and fading to naught over the course of five seconds. Her summit is absolute, leaving behind no audio.

Trail gun spot why glow tickle wish ordinary afternoon like this. One wily fox won’t matter. Clunk interface, this wretched keyboard, slight hypothetical bystanders, stretch sound wars out until 2085 AD. Dead and gone, perky idiot. Fruit of the loom faggot, keenly searching for answers. Coy darling, meant for God’s flock, to devour.

Horde of goblins muster up magic wall, fortunate wizard climb aorta border, gifted college student apply to Yale. Ceremonious knock quintessentially obfuscate curved spine, hick town screw the pooch. Heard gossip online that you don’t really want to be God anymore, that this is all just a ruse to acquire more tasty human souls, build up your army. Crackle wide precept, coot religion exclude yuppy demographic. Cauterize bruise like fake doctors do, hip replacement guide him. Dunce cap loser will purchase all of the drugs in the future, and donate them to starving artists.

Would you look at the time? It is getting to be dusk, surviving audience clatter pots for dinner. Sap ghetto stomp, working outside each day. Hurt definite mode, tread lightest of all. Shatter whine goof antics because crowded subway hankers environment, blustery Monday alert patrons. Capital punishment construe usual villain, shop around the afterlife for better real estate. Common enemy shuck personal space, hoodlum sake reverie. Heroin damage collateral “never tried it.” Don’t feel much curious to, given my track record.

Ethos Wine Satyr

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